A little Clearance Shopping for my children.

So we are having a boy but my brother has 2 girls and I have Miss 2.  So this time I can’t swap clothes with my brother what to do.  So I am clearance shopping! Went to Kohls and Old Navy tonight.   The key for me is to stock up clothes off season when they go on clearance for the next season guessing can be tricky but it usually works out.  This is why I am done with Miss 2 and DH at the end of July.  Because their BDays are in March and April.  Plus the toys clearance out at the end of July better than any Christmas Deal the day after Thanksgiving and I am not fighting in line or waking up early!!  I laughed at DH tonight at Target and said wow look what I paid for your shoes!!  He didn’t buy it he was ya right I know you.  They were back this year same shoes at full price now that I bought at 75 percent off last year.

3 of the onesies were 99 cents each originally $4.17 each

1 of the onesies was $1.47 originally $7.50

1 long sleeve shirt $1.27 originally $8.50

1 Christmas out fit $5.60 originally$28.00 – grandparents will love this we will take a pic of miss 2 and the baby in Christmas clothes :)!

1 Winter Hat for Miss 2 $.97 originally $9.99

I paid $12.28 without tax and saved from original prices $66.50


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