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Today only on August 13th, 2012 The Children’s Place online is having a $5 clothing Sale but wait add a coupon code and score clothes for $4 a piece.

Today August 13th, 2012 The Children’s Place online is having a $5 clothing Sale go here!

You can get some great new clothes for just only $4 a piece.  Get nice shirts, shorts and more for a great low price.

USe the coupon code E6H&6QDP82 to get another additional 20 percent off your order.  That makes all items then $4 a piece.

Shipping is FREE on orders over $75 or $5 bucks if your order is under $75.

Note:  Don’t forget you can first go through this website SHOPATHOME and get an 8 percent cash back added to your account!


Hanes store online is offereing free shipping. Check out their clearance section under $4.99 for great deals.


Here is a deal if your not into thrift shopping at the Hanes store online.  Click here to go to Hanes and look at their sale and clearance items. You can get free shipping using the coupon code 85832 when you checkout. Plus I am not into thrift stores for underwear and they have some great items on clearance. 🙂  They have a cute kids purple sweat shirt for a $1.99, very cute kids tank tops for $2.99, and women’s tank tops for $3.49.  A lot of great clearance items under $4.99.  You could maybe stockpile your wardrobe for next summer, use them this summer, or great to workout in tank tops any time of year but especially during this hot summer season.



Thrift shopping helps you stretch your money

I went shopping today and could not find a birthday boy t-shirt in the right size, a 12 month bathing suit for our up coming vacation, or a John Deere t- shirt in a the size 12 months stir a boy. I am thinking what am I going to do his birthday is on Saturday and his party. His theme is John Deere and I have no shirt and plus I want him to have a nice birthday boy shirt. After looking at Farm N Fleet I head to DeKalb’s Salvation Army and found him a simple John Deere t-shirt, a nice birthday boy shirt and swim trunks. I also decided to look for my daughter for our family vacation and found here a nice hardly used bag pack, two swimsuits a size 6 and one 7, plus a little purse with the tags still on it never used which I can use for a Christmas present and fill with girlie items. If I would of bought this all new I would of paid an arm and a leg. Once u get over the thrift store smell it is ok. You have laundry detergent at home and dryer sheets. Plus do we really know what happens to new clothes in factories no. Do we know that my kids clothing comes from thrift stores, garage sales, or I used coupons to get them. The answer is no. Unless you know me personally you could never tell. Not everything is pictured in the above picture but you see some of my great finds.

Total for shopping thrift for 3 swim suits, 2 t-shirts and one book bag $11.23.

Just a side not Salvation Army has a color of the week and all of those items are $.99 or if they are less than $.99 they are 50 percent off.

Good buys greeting cards are $.25 a piece, home decor is super cheap, picture frames are usual a dollar or less. We just bought one for $.39 because my daughter broke a nice frame. Lol kids.




Miss 4 has decided to put on both bathing suits at the same time and then asks if she can go to the beach (which would be Hopkins pool).  I reply no and the tongue comes out and I had my camera to capture this classic picture.


Lands’ End coupon for $10 off $50 plus today only 30 percent off all men’s shop items!


Lands’ End coupon code for $10 off a purchase of $50!  Use coupon code MJ11 (pin 4423)!  Expires 06/15/2011

Note:  check out today only they have 30 percent off men clothing for father’s day.  


Goodwill $1 Clothing

I have been very tired.  I will try to get some things posted later this week.  No one told me sitting at the clinic for 4 hours and getting my blood drawn 4 times on Saturday would make me so tired.  I slept all day Saturday and didn’t feel up to par on Sunday.  I will be getting my results back soon.

Just a reminder in DeKalb Tuesday at Goodwill they have $1 clothing sale.  Call your local Goodwill to see if they are having the same event.

DeKalb Goodwill
1037 S. Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb

Thanks Tasha.


My Shopping Trips Tuesday 10/04/2010!

Jewel Osco ConAgra Deal:  Buy $25 of ConAgra Deal products and get a $10 cat back.

Note:  This is pre-preferred price up to $25 before you use your Jewel preferred card price to bring you up to $25 dollars.   So I am looking first at the pre-preferred card prices and then I look at the preferred card sale price to give me the best deals! Here is the list of participating products thanks to ——- UPC list,

Don’t forget to Load your Jewel preferred card with coupons click here before you head out to the store. avenu coupons!

Transaction one

Bought 5 Wesson Vegetable oils (I used my $10 Catalina (CAT) Coupon that I had received from the Mr. Clean).  My total oop for this was $2.50 plus $.13tax for a Grand Total of $2.63 out of pocket! Then I received a $10 Catalina Coupon!

Transaction two

Bought 5 Wesson Carniola oils (I used my $10 Catalina (CAT) from transaction 1).  My total oop for this was $2.50 plus $.13tax for a Grand Total of $2.63 out of pocket! Then I received a $10 Catalina Coupon!


Transaction Three, Four and Five.

I bought 13 puddings!( I used my $10 Catalina (CAT) from transaction 2).  My final cost for 13 puddings was $1.44 plus $.11 tax for a Grand Total of $1.55 out of pocket! (Then I  received my $10 Cat Coupon).  Yes my family loves pudding so I did this same transaction 2 more times.  Grand total for all my 39 Hunts 4 packs of pudding was $4.65! ps. yes there is still plenty of pudding left at the DeKalb Jewel and oil when I left.  Don’t forget if DeKalb sells out Sycamore has a bigger Jewel.  If you live far out in the country call ahead of timeJ!


Transaction Six!

I bought 4 18 oz glass Jelly Jars ($3.15 priced without preferred card savings!) of Smuckers Jelly plus 4 Jiff peanut butters ($2.95 priced without the Jewel card preferred savings).  Then I through in one I used the $1 off coupon for one Smuckers Jelly and one Jiff Peanut butter found in the newspaper insert of 8/8 RP (I don’t think it was Smart Source).  I also used my $10 cat from the pudding transitions!  My total without tax is 4.88 and with tax added. $.19 my Total was $5.07! (I received another $10 Cat! Whoo)

Transaction Seven!

I loaded my Jewel Avenue Preferred Card.  Some people had a $1.25, $1.50 or $1.75 coupon for Healthy Choice Mixers on their card.  Good up to 8 HC mixers but if you buy 7 the coupon doesn’t disappear hint hint.  Check though first I could always be wrong.  Well mine didn’t have the $1.75 on it but DH’s did oh yeah.  So then I bought 7 healthy choice mixers, one Jewel white bread (for the DH cause I only eat wheat), One 2 Littler Pepsi (for dh again I try not to drink pop too many wasted calories), and one hunts pudding (the pudding put my over the $25 mark).  I used 4 Healthy Choice Mixers printable coupons HERE so this $1/1 (this means one dollar of one mixer 2 per computer!  So this is stacked with my avenue coupon of $1.75 off all 7 HC mixers.  Then I bought the pop and bread to eat up the overage.  (I received a $10 coupon back).  Total without tax $.81.  $.34 cents of tax added makes my total $1.19 (yes and I got my $10 Catalina Coupon).

For newbie’s:  No I did not go to Jewel 7 times.  I just did 7 transactions one after another in the self checkout line!

So if we added up everything with tax my total spent at Jewel:

If you forgot that was:

41 packs of Hunts 4 packs of pudding

10 Wesson Oils 5 Vegetable Oils/5 Canola Oils

7 Healthy Choice Mixers

1 2 Liter of Pepsi

4 Jiffy Peanut Butters

4 Smuckers Jelly’s (18 oz glass jars)

1 White Bread

Paid $16.17

Plus got a $10 Catalina Coupon (which is like cash) – so final total with coupon!  $6.17


I went to Walgreens to score 6 free Neiva Lip Balm (Chapsticks)

With my two Red Plum (RP) newspaper inserts it was free just look in the 10/03 RP for $2/2 and $1/1 (that is 3 free in one insert!)  They are on sale for a $1 this week.  You will find them on the cosmetic checkout register in Rochelle that is and it is reported you will find them there at other Walgreens.  There was plenty left at Rochelle!

My total tax was $.42 (savings was $17.94)

I went to Dollar General to score 3 free Red Hots hot sauce!  Used 3 $1/1 Red Hot coupons from 10/03 SS.  Hot Sauce is a $1.  So that is why it was free.  I paid total with tax $.03! (I saved $3)

My final stop of the day was Target!

(I have to say I was bummed no grapes left, no gala target apples left that I had coupons for, no Mott’s apple juice or Mott’s apple sauce left in DeKalb!)

Asked the Cashier if I could do 2 transactions no problem!

Transaction One

I used a $3 off Merona Dress Coupon expires on 10/09 (one per transaction)

I bought a dress on clearance for $3.24 with tax it was $3.50!

(At the height of the season this dress would have cost me $24.99 but I saved $21.75!)

Transaction Two

1.  I bought a dress for my mother in-law used a $3 off Merona dress Coupon 10/09 (1 per transaction).  The dress was on clearance for $7.48 – I paid $4.48 (At the height of the season this dress would have cost me $29.99 but I saved $25.51!

2. IL Slippers for DH – bought them 50 percent off didn’t chance it to 75 percent off because his shoe size is hard to find.  Paid $6.48 (saved $6.48)

3.  Dole Shredded Lettuce was a $1.19 had a Target coupon for a $1 off Dole Lettuce from a home mailer.  Total Cost $.19! So I saved a $1

4.  A dozen Large Grade A eggs cost me $0. I had a Free dozen Large Grade A egg coupon from a home mailer.  So I saved $1.69

Total oop without tax $14.39.  Total with tax was $15.53

Grand Total is:  Music Teacher drum roll:


My total for Tuesday 10/4/2010 shopping was $22.15 with tax! and a total savings of $238.58!




Target has restocked some of their Coupons! Woot (so happy!) 50 new ones.

$2 off Merona Accesories

OMG!  Woot check out these coupons at target! There are all kinds of new ones and my favorite new apparel coupons  (why because I keep shrinking and love fabulous cheap purses Oh YEAH WOOT!!), various Archer Farms coupons, produce, Up & Up store brand  coupons and too many to write about!  Remember, these are Target store coupons, so they can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons for combined savings! Get your printers ready and start printing!!  Remember turn that computer printer to gray-scale only black ink to keep cost low.

Note: Low on ink search for ink at Ebay or go and get it refilled.  OfficeMax said my cartridges for Cannon could not be refilled they are full of  baloney (yes they can!).  If you want stock up before hand eBay as cheap as 2 dollars or less.  Yes expired ink works for the coupon countrysavingmommy!

PS.  apparel coupons disappear quickly.  I am off and running to my printer see ya back here later.

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