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Diaper Deal on for Pampers an XL box for as low as $31.49.


If you need diapers and like Pampers then look at these 3 large cases of pampers diapers. When you are adding the diapers to your cart don’t forget to check the box next to the coupon $3 off one Pampers box of diapers. You can then use a second coupon code to save more money. Use BCEXPECT15 to save $15 dollars of your purchase order. The code is only for newbies who have never placed and order on You will also get free shipping. Your purchase cost will range from $31.49 through $31.99.

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers XL Case

Pampers Cruisers Diapers XL Case

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers XL Case


Saving Money preparing for a baby!

This is how we saved money preparing for our second baby.  With our first baby born in 2008 I had a couple of baby showers and got everything we needed.  Then I decided one child was plenty and to give many of my baby items away to relatives and friends.  Then I lost 73 pounds and surprise we had our second baby this July, 2011.  With myself having the only full time job and supporting my husband going to Northern IL University (ya only 2 years left!) full time bring in a small amount of money in with a part time job.  I knew we needed to buy baby items but I didn’t want to pay full price.  I set a budget and paid for everything in cash for my second baby.   I need to buy clothes for my baby boy because our first child was a girl.   I gave away my swing and other items.  Some items I had given my mom so I could get those back.  I wasn’t about to ask the people who I gave my baby items to for them back.   Many did offer to give them back and I said no.  I knew I could live with less.

I set a budget only pay cash and focus on the items that I want.

$30 for clothes (includes shoes, socks, winter coat, snow suit, bath towels & wash clothes) from newborn through 9 months.  Most of my clothes we were blessed by people given us used and some new clothes, I used (were I recieved a few free boxes of clothes with a deal they had going on earthday),, the rest I bought at garage sales, and a few items clearance.

8 baby bottles at a garage sale $1 .   The only thing I had to buy new was the nipples for the bottles that cost $10.

4 pacifiers – $10

$0 for a borrowed baby swing!

$0 nail clips, thermometer, comb donated to us.  

$4 baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby oil, baby powder – I used coupons to get these items for cheap.

$10 for a used car seat found at a garage sale.

$0 for stroller my daughters old one.  

$9.79 for 504 Pampers Thick wipes every month from -(Tip they don’t charge you tax and once you subscribe to Amazon Mom you get 30 percent off.  Once you buy something on sale with the sale price locks in for the nexts months delivery. )

$26.59 Luvs diapers size 1, 300 diapers (same thing this sale price now has locked in)

$3 baby Bumbo chair at a garage sale.  Retails at $35 and up on

$2 baby bath tub, rubber duck, duck shower rubber bath mat and bath toy holder garage sale.

$0 Fisher Price 1-2-3 Rainforest musical gym borrowed

$0 baby receiving blankets, blankets, and bedding.  A couple friends and family members gave us used bedding items.

$0 this is my daughters crib that we bought used for her at $100.  Note if I waited longer my cousin would of given us her crib.  But Miss 3 was my first baby and I want to get everything ready.

We receive coupons for formula from Gerber Good Start Gentle to make their formula cheaper we also buy coupons on Ebay and sign family members up for coupons so we don’t have to pay full price for formula.  Also we ask the doctor every time we go if we can get a sample can.

$0 high chair it was my daughters and given to us as a gift.

$0 for nursery my daughter and son share a bedroom so it is already decorated.  I think we spent maybe $100 on the room when my daughter was born.

The final cost for items for baby number 2 $71 for items.

Diapers and wipes cost $36.38

Formula a month cost ranges around $75 to $85 with coupons and Ebay buying.

So total cost baby for diapers, formula and wipes is $122.  (note I do use the wipes for Miss 3 too).



Easy Ups 96 count 3t-4t for $19.30 and Pampers Thick Wipes 504 count for $9.79 on Amazon.

So I have been taking time off to be with my baby and enjoying the new addition.    I haven’t posted a deal for awhile.  So I was looking up training pants for my daughter and baby wipes.  Here are 2 good deals on Amazon.  Join Amazon Mom right here to get 30 percent off!

Pampers 96 Easy Ups for $19.30!  Size 3T-4T girls .  To get this deal subscribe to Amazon Mom to get 30 percent off and then underneath the cost of the Easy Ups in the the middle of the page their should be a $1 off coupon.  It says clip this coupon.  After clicking on where it says clip this coupon and then subscribing you can get the Eazsy Ups for $19.30!

Pampers Thick Care Scented Wipes 7x count 504 are $9.79  after you subscribe and save with Amazon MOM!  Sign up for Amazon Mom here!  If you don’t want to say subscribed then just cancel your subscription after you order them.


Luvs Diapers on Amazon size one for about 11 cents a diaper.

Here is a deal on loves over at Amazon.  Never tried LUVS but need to get some diapers before the baby is here.  It is 11 cents a piece for the size one diapers.  You get 300 diapers if your part of the Amazon Mom subscribe and save program for only $26.59.  Has anyone had any luck with Luv diapers?  Click her if you would like the deal!


$3.50/1 Huggies coupon and a $3/1 Huggies Coupon

Get a $3.50/1 Huggies coupon plus you can also get a $3/1 Huggies diaper coupon!!

Notes: HInt get 2 of each by hitting the back key after printing. Second – you do have to share  with 3 people on facebook.

Best Diaper Deals this week 04/03!


Wishing I could blog more tonight but I am so darn tired wonder why could it be I am pregnant.  Sense I am pregnant I will leave you with the best diaper deals as I see this week.  Remember you can’t beat Amazon diaper deal ever! (Still the Best Diaper Deal of the Week)

(Note this is now where I only shop for my diapers!!)

By now most of us know that one way to get awesome stock up opportunity prices on disposable diapers is to buy them through Amazon’s Amazon Mom program, right?

What is Amazon Mom?

  • Amazon Mom is an program go ahead and Sign up with Amazon Mom here. It’s free. You’ll get an extra 30% off disposable diapers and wipes when you use subscribe and Save (versus the 15% you save without Amazon Mom).
  • You’ll also receive three months of free Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime usually costs $79 year. It gets you free two-day shipping on items sold by Amazon with no minimum.
  • Amazon Mom members are periodically emailed special savings on baby items.

Subscribe and Save Basics

  • Get a rundown of the best diaper prices at Amazon
  • Go and  buy through Subscribe and Save, select your delivery option (every one, two, three, or six months) and click “Subscribe Now” . You’ll be taken to the sign in page and then the shipping info page. You’ll then set up your payment options. On the order review page you’ll see a place on the right sidebar to enter a promo code. That’s where you’ll type in your Amazon coupon code if you have one. This is also the page where you’ll see the extra 30% taken off your total.
  • For each subsequent delivery after the first one, you’ll be charged the going rate for the item. You cannot “lock in” a sale price.
  • You can buy multiples of the same item with Subscribe and save, but you must create a separate subscription for each different item you buy. If you want to buy a new size of diaper, you’ll need to create a new subscription for that, too.
  • Don’t want repeat deliveries of the item? No problem. Just go to  “Manage Subscribe and Save Items” under “Your Account” and cancel the subscription after the first order ships.  This is what I do and I usually unsubscribe after the purchase goes through.  Why do I do this because if I have multiple Amazon Coupons I can not use them on one transaction?  Only one coupon per transaction.
  • You can combine the extra Subscribe and Save with the Amazon one-time use coupon codes that we’ve been seeing in American Baby (free subscription here), Fit Pregnancy, Parenting The Early Years and Parents magazines. The coupons get you 20% off diapers or $10 off baby items and they’re generally good through the end of the month they’re issued in. There’s no guarantee that Amazon will continue to offer these coupons, but we sure hope they do.
  • Don’t forget to check Amazon’s Coupon Book before you buy your baby diapers. There’s usually a coupon for Pampers there. Just click it to use.

So here is what I find great about buying diapers off of Amazon!

  • The 20% codes from the magazines take 20% off from the ORIGINAL sale price, before the subscribe & save discount not after so you’re basically getting 50% off your diapers.
  • The dollar amount used to determine the extension of your prime membership is the ORIGINAL price of the item. So if the original price of a box of Huggies is $30 but I am paying only $15 after the discounts, my prime membership is still extended one month based on the $30 price.
  • Last I don’t have to haul my toddler and soon to be baby to the store.  I don’t have to pay high taxes on diapers either and they ship for FREE!


:: Best Price of the Week

  • Huggies – $15.49 at Safeway
  • Pampers – $21.98 for 2 ($10.99 each) at CVS

:: Target

Pampers Box Diapers (48-76ct) – $19.99
-Use (2) $3/1 Pampers coupon (PG 4/3)
-Get a $5 Target Gift Card WYB 2
Final Price = $28.98 for 2 ($14.49 each)

:: Kmart

Pampers Big Packs – $19.99
-Use (2) $3/1 Pampers coupon (PG 4/3)
-Get free Pampers Refill Wipes WYB Pampers Diapers
-Get a $10 OYNO coupon WYB $30 (Shop Your Way Rewards)
Final Price = $23.98 for 2 diapers and 2 refill wipes ($11.99 each)

:: CVS

Pampers Box Diapers (48-76ct) – $18.99
-Use (2) $3/1 Pampers coupon (PG 4/3 )
-Get $10 ECBs WYB $30 (Limit 1)
Final Price = $21.98 for 2 ($10.99 each)

:: Rite-Aid

Pampers or Easy Ups Jumbo Packs – $8.99
-Use (3) $1.50/1 Pampers coupon (PG 4/3)
-Get $5 +Up Reward WYB $25  (Limit 1)
Final Price = $17.47 for 3 ($5.82 each)

:: Walgreens

Pampers Jumbo Packs – $8.99
-Use $1.50/1 Pampers coupon (PG 4/3)
-Get $5 in Register Rewards WYB $20
Final Price = $17.47 each ($5.82 for 3)

Walgreens Jumbo Packs – $7.99
-Use $2/1 Walgreens Diapers coupon (Infant Care Book)
Final Price = $5.99

:: Publix

Huggies Box Diapers – $19.99
-Use $3.50/1 Huggies printable coupon
Final Price = $16.49

Pampers Box Diapers – $19.99
-Use $3/1 Pampers coupon (PG 4/3)
Final Price = $16.99

:: Safeway

Huggies Big Packs – $18.99
-Use $3.50/1 Huggies printable coupon
Final Price = $15.49

Pampers Jumbo Packs – $8.99
-Use $1.50/1 Pampers coupon (PG 4/3)
Final Price = $7.49

Thanks to Saving with Shellie for the list!


More Huggies Coupons avaliable!

Here is another new one just added another $3/1 Huggies Diapers printable coupon!  WOW!!

$2/1 Huggies Diapers printable
$3/1  Huggies Diapers 50 ct printable coupon
$1.50/1  Huggies Diapers printable coupon
$3/1 Huggies Diapers printable when you share the page with friends

These never last long so if you need a huggies diaper coupon print now!

Thank you to:  Save At Home Mommy!

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