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My Target Trip August 2011

My Target trip and back in the game of couponing.

Total cost of all the items posted above with out coupons $71.22.

Total cost with coupons was $20.40

A total savings of $50.82!!  (really sense baby has been born the best I was doing was saving $10 on each shopping trip)  So I am thrilled with this out come.   Who can beat 12 packs of Diet Pepsi for $1.25 each!  Or free hair color and shampoo and more…


Note:  I got a catalina coupon that I am so excited to use!  A free 8 by 8 Shutterfly photo book up to $29.99 in value.  Just noting never throw away those useless coupons they give you at check out.  You might just have a treasure on your hand.  I can’t wait to put an album of my kids together.  I usually give these as gifts but I am keeping this as a family photo album!


Back in the coupon game after my baby sons birth.

So I dedcided to finally get my coupons organized and go shopping.  I haven’t used a lot of coupons in awhile.  My birth of my son 6 weeks ago and Miss 3 have come first in my life and that is why I have neglected my blog.  We must though start coupons again to save my family money.  A family of four is now more expensive than ever.  We are couponing to go to Jamaica so that our kids can see their grandma.  Our goal is now to save three thousand dollars before Christmas Break to go and to pay off our medical debt that we have left from the birth of our son.

What I did is finally get organized after months of no organization.  Above is my organization!  It is hard with 2 kids to get organized and ready to shop.  I am not sure how I am going to handle this when I go back to work in 6 weeks time.  But time will tell.


My little coupon shopping trip 4/26!

Coupon Shopping Trip to Target and Jewel!

Jewel 10 Propel Waters all FREE – you have to buy 10 and use 5 coupons to get them all for free.  Sale runs til May 1st!

I added one bananna so I wouldn’t go below tax! 

My total without tax 24 cents for the bannana!

Nievea Body Lotion – I had a target coupon for a $1 off and a $2 off coupon in Express Hydration Nieva Lotion – I paid $2.97

Similac Sensitive was $3.86 – Free with overage of $1.14

2 Travel Aquafresh Extreme Clean – with coupon were $.12 each

4 bags of Halls cough drops with coupons stacked (50 cent off and 75 cents off).  $1.19 orginally.  Which each gave back $.06 in overage each

2 travel size seceret deodarents.  Priced at $.97 a piece used aP&G  Everyday Savings Booklet $1.00/1 off coupon for each.  Back in overage $.03 each.

4 Reach Floss – Used 4 $1/1 coupons.  They cost $.97 each and I got back $.03 in overage for each.

3 Kandoo Wipes – Used 3 $1/1 off coupons and paid $.42 cents for each

1 Johnson and Johnson extra conditioning shampoo for Miss 3!  Had a $.50 off coupon so I paid $2.49

My grand total for Target without tax was $5.40!

Total spent for both stores was $5.64

A total savings today of $39.98!  71 percent savings not bad sense Miss 3 need shampoo and My mother inlaw wants Nieva lotion when my dh goes to Jamaica in 2 weeks!


Music is Life!

It has been a busy week  with open house, 5th grade choir festival,  getting Miss 2 soon to be 3 signed up for school, and signing up for my 3 masters classes (a master plus 36 and I am done for ever if your not a teacher it is like almost having 2 master degrees).  I wanted to have my Doctorate by this age but have decided I am content and love my career.  I am also having a couple complications with pregnancy I thought I would never have because I am in the best health after losing 78 pounds last year.  I will have test run tomorrow ugh just feeling a little bit overwhelmed.  Thats why I haven’t had time to blog this week.  I am sure most know this because this is a small blog and my family I started a little over 6 months ago in the most part to help my friends, family and friends of friends understanding couponing and saving money.  Everyone asked me what I was doing along with my weight loss too.   Only 26 school days left I believe at work.  I can’t believe the school year is winding down but the end of the year can be busy.  Oh and I wanted to thank all the Rochelle Voters for the overwhelming support of a new school!  My parents student taught at Lincoln school so you know it has to be old LOL.  I hope I still get to teach there with my wonderful staff!  I will bring you some coupon savings soon.  Sorda tired at the moment.


Spent the day at the Super Machine Shed with the girls and had time to think about blogging?!

I had a lovely day at the super shed with Miss 2 and her cousin.  A day of just lounging and having fun for the girls.  I am loving the weather for the girls to get outside and play.  The question though surfaced in my head if I would be able to continue blogging soon.  I will start 3 more graduate classes her soon that I need to get done before the baby boy comes on July 14th.  My C-section is schedule for that day!  Then will I be able to blog watching a baby and Miss soon to be 3???  For the most part people like my blog I have only gotten a couple of complaints.  Is it worth the average 100 hits a day on my blog.  Don’t get me wrong I love blogging but a full time teaching job and 2 kids soon I am not sure on how I will manage.  Plus I will need to loss all my weight again from pregnancy 2.  I will try my best to run the blog but am having the thought I may need quit in a couple of months.  We will see what happens.  Let me know what you guys think?  There are plenty of blogs out there but I will try my best for my readers.  I am a smaller couponing blog and I do like that because I can answer question quickly to help people out.  Just know in July I may slow down.


GIVING is the best part of couponing!

Many people have asked do I donate items from my stockpile and the answer is yes!  GIVING is the best part of couponing is being able to donate!  Here are cans of food I donated to one of the schools I teach at for their food drive this week! I have so much soup and chili that I had plenty to donate and still have some left in my stockpilies.  I love Jewel Con Agra deals it helps me donate to people who really need it.  I can save money and help others which is the icing on the cake!!    (Jewel has been slow on Con Agra deals late so hopefully they will have one soon!)


Stockpilies in my house. A little bit about stockpiling with coupons!

Stockpiling is important and key to extreme couponing.   Get a product when it is on sale for the a real good price and stock up on it!  I stock up on items if they are free with coupons all the time.  If it is a good coupon I buy it at Ebay or a coupon clipper.  You can find them by clicking at the top of my page at “are you new here couponing basics!”  Build your stockpile on free items it will take time and the best place to get a stockpile going is to play the drug store game with their coupons!


Here are just a couple pictures of my stockpiles.  You may think I have huge stockpiles but I don’t really compared to other extreme couponers.  One question I get is how do you store your stockpiles.  I just store enough under my sinks, beds, and in the cupboards.  I don’t have a garage full of items.

67 Boxes of Gain Dryer sheets.  I gave a couple boxes to family members!   There are 5 piles but 3 touch the ceiling above my dryer.

The gain was free.  I paid $30 for the coupons on Ebay.  7 I got from newspapers which I paid $.75 for all 7!!    With the gain deal I got the Xtra laundry detergent for free too.  You could get overage at Dollar General for each box which I put into other products to build stockpiles like hand soaps, Kleenex, lotion, and so on.    This pile is $170.25 in savings.  I think I won’t need fabric sheets for awhile.

This is under one of my four sinks with cabinets in my house .  I am only showing one sink.  This is one of my bathroom sinks.  Most of these items were free.  Unlike the above photo I didn’t buy these coupons on ebay.  Just used my usual 4 papers and internet coupons.  Root Awaking was my most expensive product for $.49 a bottle.  Air fresheners Free.  All the other Shampoos free.  Bars of soaps and Body wash free.  My  hubbies 40 body washes all free!  (watch for these during fathers day to be free and never buy body wash ever again :))  My hubbies 15 deodorants all free!  Tons of razors, toothbrushes, floss, 3 tubes of toothpaste,  shaving gel, womanly products which I hid behind the ear swabs, hairspray, Clearasil and Neutragena products (yep free those went fast I love that product) and travel size products all free.  You should never have to pay for any bathroom products ever.


I am getting tired so off to bed.   Yesterday I didn’t posted was way to tired.  Maybe it is being 6 1/2 months pregnant.   Can’t wait to get normal sleep again maybe in the next year after the baby… ahhh


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