Coupon Types

Manufacturer Coupons: This type of coupon is made by the manufacturer for their product.

Store Coupons: These are coupons that the individual store puts outs.  (For example Walgreens, Jewel, Target, Schnucks, Lowes just to name a few.)

How do I know which is which?  If you check the coupon on the top it is going to either say Manufacturer or Store Coupon (It might say Target or Jewel or Walgreens Store coupon at the top).

Special Note:  Look closely because Target printable coupons are not all Target Store coupons on their website some will print the Target logo on them but will be a manufacturer coupon instead which you can use anywhere but they are looking for you to use it at Target.

Doubling Coupons: This means that some stores may double coupons.  For instance you have 2 Cherrios coupons for 50 cents each.  You can use them together on one box of Cherrios if it doesn’t say no doubling.  Some stores do this like for example grocery store Logli in Rockford double coupons I believe they do have a limit so just ask!  Rockford is a great area for double couponing.  I haven’t found a place here in DeKalb that does it.


Coupon Language and Terms:  Click here to get familar with coupon terms!


Where can I find Coupons?

Newspaper Inserts, Internet printables, blinkie machines (a electornic dispenser in a store), Store tear pads, Peelie (peel off the coupon on an item in the store), Catalinas (print out at the register when you check out), Electronic Coupons (can be load to your shopping card online), mobile coupons, freebies, Protector and Gambles site, Home Life Simple Booklets (can be requested online), Free Magazines (you can score tons of free magazines and get coupons from them), ALL YOU MAGAZINE (only sold at Walmart is the magazine with the most coupons highly recommended for couponing).

Websites that have printable coupons listed just click here for the list.

I can’t get a big city newspaper at my house because it is to rural then check out these coupon clippers here! Maybe you want more than one item then it maybe cheaper for you just to purchase clipped coupons.


Having more than one coupon is important!

Lets say I received 6 papers this week.  I use the same coupon from each newspaper.  Now I have 6 coupons for the same product I want.  I want “Gain Liquid Dish Washing Soap” .  The smallest bottles are priced at $.97 a bottle at Walmart (it is usually the best to go for the smallest size so you can get it free).   Then use all six coupons on all six “Gain Liquid Dish Washing Soap” !  This will make it free just pay tax.  Yes you can use more than one coupon on the same type of item.  Read the fine print if it says one per purchase.  It means you are purchasing 6 bottles of Gain.  Each bottle of Gain is a separate purchase so you may use all six coupons to get them all for free.

The only circumstances were you could not buy several items with all your coupons once if the coupon said one item per transactions.  Now if you want to use 2 coupons you will have to ask the cashier if you can make 2 transactions or you can always head over to the self check out line and do it yourself.  When in the self checkout line I may do 5 transactions just be polity to people behind you in line and tell them you will be a little while because you have coupons.  I haven’t had anyone get made at me yet for this one :)!


Click Here to learn about Organizing Coupons!


For more information at this time for couponing information for newbies click here and scroll through articles I have written. Why this site is under construction and not fully running.  Also as you scroll to the bottom press previous page to get all the articles to read.

More to come!  Goodnight World!


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