How do I coupon at Target?

First I would like you to checkout the Corporate Coupon Policy and Price Matching Policy. Make sure to print both of these off and carry them with you whenever you shop at Target.  Put it in your binder or your coupon file folder!  Sometimes you will know the coupon policy better than the cashier!  That is why I suggest you carry it with you.

Target has target printable coupons that can be joined manufacturer coupons! I love stacking coupons at Target because I save much more than Wal-Mart!  I also like it better than the DRUG STORE game Walgreens and CVS because they have limited supplies and you have to be there bright and early every Sunday morning which I can’t do always with children, church and a husband that works on Sundays.  Plus those Catalina coupons expire in 2 weeks and Target gift cards don’t I will explain about this below.

Where to get Target Printable Coupons: With the target coupon combined with a manufacture coupon you can get the best savings!  Just go to the target site to start get there coupons right here! (Scroll down and in the list at the bottom look for the word coupons and click it!)  Hint:  If you pay for the internet on your mobile phone you can get mobile target coupons too!  They just scan your phone or type in the coupon bar code number off your phone to put in the cash register.  Where do you find mobile coupons?  Just look at Target Printable Coupons menu like groceries, household, photos and right under the menu you will see in small print mobile coupons just sign up and save more!

TIP ONE: Make sure to always hand over all your manufacturer coupons 1st before the Target store coupons. This tip will help you avoid beeps at a register.  Avoiding beeps is great and gets you out of the store faster!  The only time I give a Target Coupon over first is if it says spend $70 get $10 off your order.  You want to give that over so you get the $10 off before you hand the rest of your coupons over to maximize savings!

TIP TWO: Really can be used at any store:  When your out at the store look for  red clearance stickers, peelies and tearpad coupons and sale price items!  By using coupons with sale or clearance items you will maximize your savings.  Now we like that means richer pockets and savings!

TIP THREE: Look at Target weekly ads for price cuts and Target gift card deals! These gift card promotions may last for a week, month, or longer. The best thing about Target gift cards is they don’t expire in two weeks like Walgreens, Jewel, CVS and other Catalina coupons which are great.  To get a Target Gift Card you will have to buy certain participating products and then you receive the gift card at check out. The cashier will be prompted by the register to give you a gift card. You won’t be able to use the gift card on that purchase, but you can use the gift card on future purchases. The best part in couponing is we call using this gift cards on other great coupon slash gift card promotions and you keep rolling the same gift card deals over and over again!  This truly helps maximize savings.

TIP FOUR: I have never had a problem using coupons in DeKalb the cashiers are really nice!  But if you do have a problem remember your doing nothing wrong and Target is really making more off you anyway because each store gets a $.08 handling fee back for each manufacture coupon you have.

Do you have any more questions about Target?  Well just comment and I will see if I can help you.  All the best on your savings!

Country Saving Mommy – Mrs. Barshinger-Brown!


4 Responses to “Target Basics”

  1. 1 Debi Tamm
    April 17, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    i just wanted to say im new to this and i look forward to saving every penny i can im newly a single mother of 3 and 2 are teeenagers and i barely make enough money to cover the bills let alone the food. im eager to get clipping.


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